Westfield residents deal with apartments flooding while trying to maintain social distance

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WESTFIELD, Ind. — Some Hamilton County residents are still left cleaning up after their cars and homes flooded.

“I planned to stay in the house, relax, and just kind of quarantine. All of a sudden this happen. I’m like, ‘Oh no not now,'” recalled resident Eric Thomas.

Thomas lives at Hamilton Square Apartments, where heavy rain caused his apartment to flood.

“I got up and went to the kitchen and when I was in the kitchen I look up and there was water everywhere. My feet are just splattering through the hallway, through the living room, and everywhere,” Thomas said.

He was more shocked when he looked outside and his neighbors’ vehicles were flooded and water was covering much of the parking lot.

His initial thought wasn’t the water; instead it was seeing people standing close to each other during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The virus has put a damper on a lot of lives and we just had to redo everything,” said resident Kathryn Miller.

Miller didn’t know if anyone was going to come out and help.

“We’ve been told the only way to communicate is to call or email, but sometimes that can take 24 or 48 hours to get a response,” Miller said.

She was thankful that maintenance crews still showed up to help people and to clear the storm drains.”

Brandon Reef even got soaked trying to clear the drains. He was at the complex visiting his girlfriend when it started pouring.

“There were some people concerned about getting out tonight to pick up some essentials and necessities,” Reef said.

Even though Reef doesn’t live at the complex, he felt like he needed to help.

“Hoosiers helping Hoosiers. That’s what we do. Hoosier hospitality and it’s kind of Mother Nature telling to stay at home,” Reef said.

The cost of the damage is unknown at this time, but residents are grateful for the quick response from the employees at the apartment complex.

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