Westfield residents take on Duke Energy in fight over trees

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A group of concerned homeowners held a meeting Monday in an effort to save their trees.

Residents in Westfield’s Oak Manor subdivision became worried when they found stakes in their yards. Duke Energy had plans to trim trees in the area but now those plans are on hold due to all the complaints.

Homeowners are concerned about their property value and their privacy if any trees are cut.

“I was very very unhappy and very upset and so was everyone along the pathway,” said homeowner Mike Lee.

Word of the plans spread quickly and soon the city of Westfield became involved. The Mayor’s Office said the city is in ongoing talks with Duke Energy.

“We’ve heard their concerns, we’re looking at what our options are and we will be in touch with them to know what the plans are,” said Angeline Protogere, Duke Energy Spokeswoman.

Protogere went on to say the company is not planning to clear cut all the trees but some may need to be removed. She could not say how many trees might be affected.

Homeowner Kyle Kramer talked about his concerns as he looked at the stake placed right next to his kids’ trampoline.

“If they came out here and look at the devastation they’re going to do and they can see the concern that each and every homeowner has,” said Kramer

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