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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Apr. 22, 2014) — The Westin Indianapolis publicly unveils its major renovations Tuesday as the entire downtown hotel scene readies for a massive influx of NRA convention attendees.

Along with completely upgrading all of its 575 guestrooms, the Westin Indianapolis told FOX59 News that it invested millions of dollars and four months to create a better comfort, fitness and work experience for all who walk through the door.  The hotel now boasts it has the largest pipeline of high-speed internet of all downtown hotels.

“Just as we all did for this past Super Bowl where our Westin Indianapolis hotel was the headquarters for the NFL, we all stepped up to the plate and gave a wonderful experience,” said Deborah Sweet, the Westin’s director of sales and marketing.  

The official unveiling comes at an opportune time for the Westin.

The National Rifle Association of America’s annual convention begins its weekend at the Indiana Convention Center on Friday, April 25.  According to VisitIndy, more than 70,000 people plan on attending the NRA’s premiere event.

VisitIndy told FOX59 News that the 7,100 downtown hotel rooms are experiencing a virtual sellout for the weekend, with many of the 33,000 hotel rooms in the metropolitan area filling up as well.

With that influx of visitors, VisitIndy estimates an expected economic impact of $55 million.