Wet weather precedes the warmest Thanksgiving here in five years



Rain is inbound arriving well before sunrise on the “busiest” travel day of the year. Showers are to spread into the state well after midnight then become a steady if not heavier brand of rain to start the day.

The long holiday weekend opens with the most unsettled weather in the Nation right here in central Indiana.

Rain increases in coverage before sunrise and will likely reach 100% coverage before lunchtime. Travel could be impacted because of the rain and plan on reduced visibility and slick roads if travelling by car. The rain is expected to scatter and ease by afternoon but the the threat continues with an added element – a thunderstorm or two.

Temperatures will elevated to nearly 60-degrees in many locations and the added warmth will bring add instability. Chances for a thunderstorm will come around late afternoon or early evening.


Dry time will return as the Wednesday storm system departs and paves the way for a decent Thursday. Despite clouds for most of the day the temperatures on Thanksgiving will likely reach the 50-degree mark, 16° warmer than last year and the warmest Thanksgiving here since 2015’s 62°.

Sunshine will be most plentiful Saturday and the quiet weather will continue into Sunday but something is brewing as the long holiday weekend ends.

Long-range machines have locked into a significant change to our upper air pattern starting Sunday night. Some very cold air is on the move and set to arrive on Monday. The wildcard here and at this distance is the presence of a storm. Current thinking is that the first snow of the season will occur to end the month and it may be enough to stick! While it is still several days away a decided turn to wintry weather is looking very likely. We will sort out the details over the next several days. Stay tuned.

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