What to do if you lose your COVID-19 vaccination card


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Although it’s not common for businesses to require proof of vaccination, health departments say at some point, you’re likely going to need that little white card.

“Some employers are requiring vaccination or have policies based around whether or not you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated in terms of masking quarantine and things like that,” says Aaron Schekorra, Public Information Administrator for the Springfield-Greene County Health Department.

“It’s really important to hold on to that information, so that way you can use it in those circumstances and have it available.”

But what if your card gets wet, bent, or lost altogether? No matter where you got your shots, getting a replacement card is possible.

First, recall the organization that hosted the vaccine clinic or the company that administered your shot.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends contacting your vaccination provider directly to receive a new card. That could be Walgreens, CVS, a local hospital, or your local pharmacy.

NewsNation reports that if you got the vaccine at Walmart or Sam’s Club, there will soon be a digital version of your card available created by a coalition of private and public organizations.

That initiative will also issue an app to various businesses and organizations that will allow them to check the digital vaccination cards.

Schekorra says you can call your local health department if a mass vaccination site gave you your shot, or you cannot remember who administered your shot.

Staff will look up your vaccination records in the State database and tell you whom to contact.

The CDC also encourages everyone to take a picture of their vaccine card as a backup if something happens to the physical version.

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