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MARION COUNTY, Ind. — For a lot of Hoosiers, the 4th of July celebrations are continuing into the weekend and local law enforcement agencies want to remind drivers if you’re going to be drinking, be safe because officers are out watching.

During the whole month of July law enforcement agencies in Marion county will be conducting DUI checkpoints around the city.

IMPD Lt. Michael DeHart says many DUI checkpoints start with randomly selecting 2 cars.

He says officers are looking to see any hint that a driver may be under the influence.

“It’s a period of a few 20 to 30 seconds for each stop. We might ask for your license and registration. We will definitely introduce ourselves, tell you why we are stopping you,” Lt. DeHart says.

It can be a quick process; but the law states officers are able to keep drivers for 2 minutes.

If they believe you’ve been drinking or doing drugs they ask you to step out of the car. Then there is no time limit.

“Truly we are out here for their safety. We’re out here to apprehend and deter drunk driving. We are really out here for them,” Lt. DeHart says.

During our time at the DUI checkpoint today. Officers arrested 2 people for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Lt. DeHart says one driver blew a .320 at 6:30 PM. It was 4 times over the legal limit. The driver was handcuffed and taken into custody.

“There are people we arrest with .05 BAC to .07 that are impaired. Although it seems low; maybe they don’t drink very much or something like that,” Lt. DeHart says.

Lt. DeHart says the goal behind these checkpoints are to catch people breaking the law.

They want everyone to be safe on the roads.

“You’re doing your job yes. They are going to go to jail yes, but I don’t judge them. I mean that may be their worst day in life,” Lt. DeHart says.

DUI sobriety checkpoints will be conducted in Marion County on:

Thursday July 18 beginning at 5:00 pm
Thursday July 25 beginning at 5:00 pm