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A lot of questions are surfacing following Tribune Broadcasting’s announcement that CBS programming will move to WTTV, Channel 4, in Indianapolis.  Below are some frequently asked questions.

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Q: Where will I find my favorite CBS programs, like NCIS and CSI?

A: Starting January 1, all CBS programming will be broadcast locally on WTTV-TV, Channel 4, including CBS News, 60 Minutes, and CBS Sports programming such as the NFL playoffs, the Masters and the Final Four.

Q: What will this mean for Colts broadcasts?

A: Most Colts games will continue to be on CBS, because CBS owns the rights to the AFC television package. The regular season will end in December, so if the Colts make the playoffs again this year, you may be watching their playoff games on WTTV.

CBS broadcasts one of the two AFC wild card games, both divisional playoff games, and the AFC championship.

Q: How will this affect FOX59? And will CBS and FOX now be broadcast from the same facility?

A: Since FOX59 is Channel 4’s sister station, we will now be expanding our team to transition WTTV into a full-fledged CBS affiliate. FOX59 will continue to broadcast from the same facility.

Q: What happens to the CW network?

A: The CW, which is currently broadcast on WTTV, will switch to Channel 4.2 starting next year.

Q: Will 4.2 be broadcast on cable channels, and what happens to THIS TV?

A: It remains to be seen how all of this will be worked out, but in many cities where the CW is on a digital subchannel, it is also carried on cable. Our corporate office will be working on this and other issues that are still be resolved in the months to come.