What’s Peyton Manning doing on Sundays? New commercials give the sad answer

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He may be retired from the NFL, but don’t expect former Colts and Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning to disappear anytime soon.

The famed pitchman and future NFL Hall of Famer appears in a new set of commercials for DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

“It’s Peyton… Peyton on Sunday mornings,” Lionel Richie sings to his hit “Easy Like Sunday Morning” at the beginning of each commercial.

The ads feature Manning, who clearly has nothing better to do on Sundays with the NFL season underway, wearing a bathrobe and bumming around different locations: his house, a grocery store and a park bench.

In one commercial, he calls his brother, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, and asks him if he wants to come over to watch football.

“So you want to come over? I’ll make nachos!” Peyton tells Eli.

“I can’t right now, man, I’m playing,” Eli responds.

“Oh, yeah,” a disappointed Peyton says. “All right, I’ll pencil you in for Tuesday.” He then fills out a depressingly appointment-free day planner.

In another commercial, Manning touts the benefits of watching your favorite teams—notably the Colts and Broncos—anywhere, including the grocery store. The beleaguered store clerk doesn’t seem impressed.

“Cool,” he says dismissively.

Then Peyton spots which aisle he’s in—number 18.

“Ah… 18. The old number,” he says wistfully while reaching in his pocket for a coupon.

The third ad features Peyton in the park. He tells an old man on a park bench about NFL Sunday Ticket.

“I’m retired,” the man says. “I just sit here watching nothing. If I were you, I’d work as long as you can, son. Work as long as you can!”

“Thanks,” a resigned Peyton says while pondering his future prospects.

Look for the commercials as football season rolls around.

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