For many Americans, our childhood fascination with ice cream trucks carries over into adulthood with food trucks.

Nearly every cuisine is available on four wheels: burgers, barbecue, tacos, pizza, salads, and more.

Google search data has been compiled of the most popular food truck order in each state, and the results are as varied as the states themselves.

For example, tacos were the most popular food truck order in ten states overall, but the type of taco varied largely on the region. In California al pastor tacos were king, while roasted cauliflower tacos were the most popular in Tennessee.

(Shane Co.)

People in Indiana loved to order fried ravioli, according to the data, and quite fittingly, crab cake sliders were the top order in Maryland.

The data also looked at the second most popular order in each state, and those results are even more marginalized.

It doesn’t get much more Alaska then Alaskan reindeer sausage or more true to Pennsylvania than bacon cheesesteak fries.

(Shane Co.)

Overall, tacos, sandwiches, and fries were the most popular orders at food trucks in the U.S.

Shane Co. said it based its data by looking at the top 10 food trucks in each state on Yelp. It tracked 30-40 menu items and analyzed the search volume of each item over a year’s time.

You can look at the full data here.