5 ways to celebrate National Cat Day

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Your kitty will probably mark the day with a nap, a romp with a paper bag, a nibble of kibble and another nap.

But you can be as ambitious or as low-key as you like with your own National Cat Day celebrations.

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Watch cat videos in a big way

Consumption of internet cat videos is bound to spike on National Cat Day. The Internet Cat Video Festival will showcase the best of the best on October 29 at 7:30 at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston.

The event, which launched in 2012 at the Walker Art Center, is a live showing of a curated collection of about 100 cat clips -- from Vine videos to short films. Admission is $8 in advance and $12 on the day of the event.

Adopt a feline or treat a cat to something nice

National Cat Day organizers want cats to find good homes, and the occasion is a fine time to consider adopting a cat from a shelter or pet rescue organization.

Volunteering at a local shelter or donating blankets, pet food and toys are also nice ways to celebrate the kitties of the world.

Have a warm beverage at a cozy cat cafe

Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California, is a non-profit rescue operating in partnership with Oakland Animal Services.

The space features a cafe and separate cat zone where between six and 20 adoptable cats roam freely. Food and beverages from the cafe can be brought into the cat zone, where up to 14 people are allowed to get to know the felines each hour.

Walk-ins are welcome, but Cat Town recommends reservations, which are available with a $10 donation.

Curl up on the couch

Revel in your role as warm furniture as you and your feline peruse cat books together.

Take some inspiration from "Artists and Their Cats," featuring human-kitty pairings, including Salvador Dali with his pet ocelot Babou and Matisse with sleek black stunner la Puce (the flea).

Then dive into the hard-hitting "Cats on the Job," which profiles felines who don't have time to lounge around looking at cat books.

While your cozy companion is sleeping, tune in to DVRed episodes of "My Cat From Hell" on Animal Planet and catch up with the Internet's most famous felines.

Take a nap

It's been a busy day. Rest up.

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