Anakin and Skye went to prom together on May 4–Star Wars Day–so obviously it was destiny

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Photo courtesy of Chris Allison

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Photo of Skye, left, and Anakin, right

PENDLETON, Ind. – It’s prom season across central Indiana, and we love seeing all the pictures of cute couples dressed in their very best. But we just can’t get over this pair from Pendleton!

Meet Anakin and Skye! Yes, it’s quite the coincidence these “Star Wars” fans went to the big dance together, but what makes this even more perfect is their prom was on May 4—Star Wars Day!

Anakin Allison is a senior at Pendleton Heights, and he was named after Anakin Skywalker from the “Star Wars” films. His father, Chris Allison, is a huge “Star Wars” fan.

Anakin played football, and he made this year’s Indiana AP All-State football team. He also performed in his school’s spring musical, “Footloose,” which is where he got to know Skye Fuller.

Skye is also a senior at Pendleton Heights. She is big in the school’s show choir and theater programs, and she’s won numerous awards, including Best Female Actress for her role in “Footloose” and Best Supporting Actress for two other productions.

Anakin and Skye really got to know each other better during rehearsals for “Footloose.” Anakin portrayed Chuck Cranston, and Skye played Ariel Moore.

Photo of Anakin and Skye

Anakin asked Skye to prom with a promposal scavenger hunt throughout the town. It wasn’t until later that they realized prom was on May 4, Star Wars Day, and their names are Annakin and Skye.

They made special t-shirts to commemorate the dance.

Anakin plans to attend Arizona State University in the fall and major in business. He is also going to try to walk on the school’s football team.

Skye will attend the University of Southern Indiana this fall, and she will major in radiology and minor in theater and music.

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