Athletic scholarships… for video games?

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(January 7, 2015) – Athletic scholarships have been around for quite a while, but athletic scholarships for video games is a very new concept!

There are currently two American colleges that recognize League of Legends as a varsity sport – the first being Robert Morris University in Chicago and the most recent being the University of Pikeville (UPIKE) IN Kentucky.

WYMT reports that UPIKE will start offering eSports scholarships to qualifying League of Legends players and prospective students this fall. There are 20 scholarships available.

Just like other athletic scholarships, students who receive an eSports scholarship will need to maintain a specific GPA and attend practices.

UPIKE graduate Eric VanHoose will coach the school’s League of Legends team.

In an interview with CSL, VanHoose talked about the recruitment process. He said it will involve going to local high schools, playing practice matches with students, and collecting information on candidates’ ratings and toxicity reports.

Parsons also hopes that this new scholarship opportunity will attract international students who may have never given UPIKE a thought in the first place.

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