Blue conquers crates challenge: ‘Where do I go to collect my check?’

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Colts mascot Blue put his balance and agility to the test in a viral challenge that’s spawned dozens of wince-inducing videos.

It’s called the #crateschallenge, and people brave (or foolish) enough to do it try to climb up and down a pyramid of stacked milk crates.

Most have failed miserably, with many falling off the top crate and then painfully crashing down to the ground below.

But can Blue conquer this pyramid of pain?

The answer is: yes!

It looks like his technique was only putting the weight of one foot on the top crate, stepping on it with his right “hoof” as he uses his left to begin the climb down.

Blue tweeted out a video of his crates challenge success with the caption, “Where do I collect my check?” It’s been seen more than 1.1 million times.

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