Chinese divorce court orders man to pay wife $7,700 for years of housework

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BEIJING — A divorce court in China has ordered a man to pay his wife back for years of housework.

According to a report by the BBC, the man will have to pay the equivalent of $7,700 for five years of unpaid labor.

The woman reportedly was reluctant at first to get divorced, but then pushed for financial compensation, saying the man had not shared in housework responsibilities or child care for their son.

The ruling was made possible largely in part to China’s new civil code.

The BBC says, “Under the new law, a spouse is entitled to seek compensation in a divorce if he or she bears more responsibility in child raising, caring for elderly relatives, and assisting partners in their work.”

The ruling sparked a massive debate on social media, with some saying the woman should have received a lot more.

Others say it should be a wake-up call for men to start helping out more around the house.

According to The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, Chinese women do about four hours of housework a day. That’s more than twice as much as men.

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