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GUWAHATI, India — Marriage is full of compromises, and one Indian couple has gone viral for their prenuptial contract where they agreed to limiting the amount of pizza they ate.

The couple, 24-year-old Shanti Prasad and her groom 25-year-old Mintu Rai, were married in June in India’s northern state of Assam, reported the BBC.

A video of them signing an oversized contract has since reached more than 20 million views on Instagram.

According to the BBC, the couple’s friends helped them draw up the contract, and at the top of the list, it says, “only one pizza in a month.”

Shanti is the pizza fanatic in the relationship and would always want to get some cheesy slices during their dates. Mintu told the BBC he “also likes pizzas but can’t eat them every day.”

“Her love for pizza is second only to her love for Mintu. I think she thinks about pizza in her free time and even in sleep,” one friend told the BBC.

The newlyweds also agreed on the following terms as outlined in the contract:

  • Shanti must wear a sari every day
  • Shanti must go to the gym daily
  • Mintu must make breakfast every Sunday
  • Mintu must take Shanti shopping every 15 days
  • Mintu can only go to “late night parties” with his wife

The contract is not legally binding.

The newlyweds say they plan to frame it in their home.