CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. — An Illinois family has got us saying “I’m loving it” after making the fast food find of a lifetime: a 1950s-era McDonald’s order inside the walls of their house.

Grace Jones says it happened when she and her husband were updating a bathroom in their Crystal Lake, Illinois home.

Her husband Rob was replacing an old toilet paper fixture, and when he pulled it out of the wall — he noticed a piece of bunched up cloth sitting in the hole left behind.

“At this point, we’re both looking at each other wondering if we’d be calling the police because we just uncovered evidence from a crime scene!” said Grace.

The couple says they were “very relieved” when the mystery bundle was revealed to contain a bag from McDonald’s with two burger wrappers and an order of uneaten, perfectly preserved fries inside.

“How on Earth are these fries still in this bag and how are they preserved so well?!” Grace wrote to FOX59 via a Facebook message.

Grace’s home was built in 1959, and her theory is that one of the builders had gotten lunch from a recently opened McDonald’s down the street and then put the leftovers in the wall.

“Not sure if it was as a joke or to hide it from his boss but either way we’re glad it happened!”

To strengthen Grace’s theory, she says they did some research and found the type of McDonald’s logo that was on the wrappers was only in use from 1955 to 1961.

We asked Grace what they plan to do with the discovery.

She says they’d be happy to sell it at the right price, but they will probably keep it as a cool piece of local history.