Hoosier soldier surprises his 4 kids after 6-month deployment in Kuwait

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – FOX59 took a second, closer look at one of our favorite stories from this week. We loved watching the reunion of a Hoosier soldier and his son in a Noblesville classroom. Turns out, there was much more to the story and many reunion scenes to show.

We’ve seen scenes like it before. In this case, it was Staff Sergeant Jeff Wilson just back from a six month deployment in Kuwait. He surprised his son Luke at Noblesville West Middle School.

“At first when he walked in the classroom, I was like ‘hi.’ Then I realized it was him so my jaw dropped and he came over and hugged me and we had a long hug,” said Luke.

“Excited to be home, definitely happy to be back in Indiana, hear the cicadas again,” said Jeff.

But a closer look shows this was just the first of many reunions for the Wilsons. Jeff surprised his daughter Megan at their home as she came back from work.

“I’m not going to cry,” said Megan.

Then, his youngest daughter Brooke got surprised too in her 5th grade classroom. Then finally, even the oldest, 19-year-old James Wilson got his own tearful reunion as well.

All the reunions were organized by Jeff’s wife, Holly.

“There’s nothing like Jeff, nobody like Jeff. Everyone missed him. He missed everybody, so we’re just glad to have him home,” said Holly.

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