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Maybe there isn’t more than corn in Indiana, after all.

A new study has landed the Hoosier state in an unenviable position — amongst the least fun states in America.

According to WalletHub, Indiana sits in the bottom ten of U.S. states when it comes to “fun.”

Source: WalletHub

Fun is a tough metric to measure, but one WalletHub took a crack at measuring by using a methodology that compared all 50 states into two key categories: “Entertainment & Recreation” and “Nightlife.”

Each of these two categories were then broken down into 26 relevent metrics which were graded on a 100-point scale. Examples of these broken-down metrics include: Restaurants per capita, golf courses per capita, music festivals per capita, number of attractions and natural metrics such as shoreline mileage, ideal weather and beach quality.

Sure, it might be hard to compete with the beaches of California and Florida or the skiing resorts of Colorado, but surely the Hoosier state had a shot in categories like “Average Beer and Wine Prices” and “Time of Last Call.”

After all, Indiana’s last call is 3 a.m. compared to California’s 2 a.m. Checkmate, Golden State.

Among a few of the metrics, Indiana found itself sitting right near the bottom including in catergories like “Access to National Parks” (48th) and “Skiing Facilities per Capita” (okay, that one adds up).

But who needs “Ideal Weather” anyway. When Hoosiers don’t like the weather, we only need to wait a few days.

Indiana did put up a fight in the “Nightlife” rankings, coming in at a respectable 21st compared to Indiana’s overall ranking of 40th.

While always rough to come in near the bottom of any rankings, Hoosiers can take solace in knowing that Kentucky, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Alabama, Vermont, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Delaware, Mississippi and West Virginia offer even less fun than Indiana.

So brag away Hoosiers. Call every West Virginia relative you have.