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WESTFIELD, Ind. — A local Hoosier is behind one of Netflix’s hottest shows. It’s called “Buried by the Bernards.” It debuted in February and is currently rocking a 97% audience rating on the prominent film and television review website Rotten Tomatoes.

“If you have family you can relate to this show,” laughed creator Warren D. Robinson. “If you have family, a controlling mom, daughters who think that you are not cool anymore, or the crazy uncle — and we all have a crazy uncle.”

Robinson lives in Westfield but grew up on Indy’s west side and graduated from Ben Davis High School. The show, however, was shot in Memphis, Tennessee. It is about a wild family who owns and operates a funeral home.

“They sent me a text message of the family’s commercial. I saw it and was like I got to figure out who this family is,” explained Robinson. “Once you turn those cameras on and watch it back, [you see] they have that ‘it’ factor.”

Filming wrapped up a week before the pandemic hit, and Netflix shut down production on all of their films and shows. It took Robinson and his crew a year to complete the show because editors could not work in the same building. They had to put together the show while working all across the country.

“As one person is editing they are able to see what [others] are doing and add their own edits to them,” explained Robinson. “We had to do a big technological upgrade and allow for the editors to be able to work from home and edit in their particular places.”

He says production areas are like a bubble. He didn’t even know the pandemic was happening until he got home.

Season one of “Buried by the Bernards” is now on Netflix. Robinson is hoping for a second season if the show does well, but he continues to pursue other potential projects in the meantime.