Look back at some of the most talked about commercials from Super Bowl LI

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Super Bowl LI had its share of memorable commercials this year. From movies to surreal ads for different products, take a look at some of the most memorable ads from the big game.

Avocados from Mexico’s add featured a “secret society” meeting interrupted by one of the members who live streamed the event—a swipe at Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who notoriously streamed his team’s postgame locker room meeting on Facebook.

The “money moment” here? A “subliminal” appearance from Jon Lovitz urging group members to eat avocados!

Skittles’ ad was one of the first commercials that made people think, “What in the world are we watching?” The ad shows a lovestruck teen trying to get the attention of a girl by tossing Skittles through her window. Family members, a thief, a police officer and a beaver keep going through the line to catch Skittles in their mouths.

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercials usually get people talking, but this year’s ad seemed lacking in the flash that’s usually apparent in the company’s ads for the big game.

Airbnd’s 30-second ad was about acceptance. “We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong. The world is more beautiful the more you accept,” the company said in its commercial.

You may have already seen a teaser for the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. The first ad for the movie didn’t feature an appearance from Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow, something the Super Bowl commercial remedies.

Can you handle a “sexy” Mr. Clean?

Terry Bradshaw has a stain on his shirt, making for a memorable commercial from Tide that also featured actor Jeffrey Tambor.

T-Mobile used Justin Bieber, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and former wide receiver Terrell Owens for comedic effect in a commercial about the “evolution” of celebration. The ad touted the company’s “all in” unlimited data plan.

Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake in a commercial together? Christopher Walken quoting the lyrics to “Bye Bye Bye?” A quirky entry from Bai for its “antioxidant infusion” drinks.

Yellow Tail’s ad featured a versatile partying kangaroo and Australian model Ellie Gonsalves.

One of the more surreal commercials came from Turbo Tax, which used a creepy Humpty Dumpty to pitch its tax preparation service.

The NFL scored a touchdown with its “Super Bowl Baby Legends” commercial, who showed Super Bowl babies throughout the years.

Audi used its Super Bowl commercial to drive progress forward and advocate equal pay for equal work. George Clooney provided the voice work for the ad.

This year’s “live” ad from Snickers featured actor Adam Driver, on set in a Western where everything goes wrong. “You ruin Super Bowl commercials when you’re hungry,” the commercial said.

One of the most talked about ads before the game was Budweiser’s commercial, “Born the Hard Way,” which tells the immigrant story of the brewer’s co-founder.


The ad from 10 Hair Care took a shot at President Trump—and not in a subtle way. The commercial warned, “America, we’re in for at least four years of awful hair.”

It felt like T-Mobile advertised a lot during the game. A 50 Shades of Grey spoof starred Kristen Schaal, who likes being punished for going over her phone’s data limit.

The commercial from Mercedes put Peter Fonda back in leather for a riff on Easy Rider. The ad, titled “Easy Driver” and directed by the Coen Brothers, puts Fonda behind the wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster. He drives off to Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild,” which was featured in Easy Rider. The 1969 film starred Fonda and Dennis Hopper.

Wix, a company that helps you create your own website, offered a commercial featuring Jason Statham and Gal Gadot. They blow up a restaurant during a fight, leading the chef to start his own food truck—and use Wix to create a website for it.

Spuds MacKenzie made a return to the Super Bowl in another surreal ad that was a riff on A Christmas Carol. And, yes, the fedora is a bad idea.

One of the most poignant ads came from 84 Lumber, which featured the journey of a mother and daughter coming from Mexico to the U.S. The original cut of the commercial featured them getting stopped by a wall, but that was deemed “too controversial.”

You’ll find the full ad below:

Nintendo has a new video game console coming out in March—and the company used its Super Bowl ad to tout the Nintendo Switch and a new Legend of Zelda game.

There’s really nothing better than watching Panthers quarterback Cam Newton take on a bunch of kids in a game of football. Australian model Miranda Kerr also makes an appearance in this Buick ad.

Some of those interceptions weren’t Brett Favre’s fault, Buffalo Wild Wings would have you believe in a goofy commercial featuring the Hall of Fame quarterback.

Get your domain before it’s gone! That’s the gist of Squarespace’s ad featuring actor John Malkovich, who is none too pleased that someone has squatted on a website with his name.

Actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy is on a mission to save the world in her ad for the Kia Niro—and each world-saving attempt only gets worse for her.

Hugh Jackman is making what he says is his last appearance as the comic book character Wolverine in the upcoming movie Logan. The Super Bowl spot for the movie is set to a haunting rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

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