McDonald’s bringing back Hi-C Orange Lavaburst after outcry from customers

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Image via McDonald’s

Hi-C Orange will soon be back on the menu.

McDonald’s announced Wednesday that Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (its “proper” name) would return to its restaurants in a move driven by passionate fans of the drink.

McDonald’s took Hi-C Orange off its menu nationally in 2017 and replaced it with Sprite Tropic Berry, a special Sprite blend produced exclusively for McDonald’s by Coca-Cola.

For years, fans have been clamoring for McDonald’s to bring it back–and the chain listened.

From McDonald’s:

The loyal fandom of this deliciously fun and fruity beverage that teases your taste buds dates back to 1955, when it first debuted on McDonald’s menus. The non-carbonated Hi-C Orange Lavaburst drink returns to menus alongside the carbonated Fanta Orange offering, making our legendary orange drink roster once again complete.

McDonald’s acknowledged that it had received plenty of feedback from customers hoping to get Hi-C Orange back on the menu.

The fast-food chain said most locations would have the drink by June 2021. As the rollout begins, McDonald’s will offer a weekly-updated Hi-C Orange tracker so customers can find the closest location offering the drink.

The tracker goes online on Monday, Feb. 15.

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