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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – When Angie Solis took her 13-year-old son Zion to the Indianapolis International Airport last week, she wasn’t quite sure how he would handle airport security. Zion has autism, and it was his first time ever going to the airport.

She says when they arrived at 5 a.m. there were hundreds of people everywhere, waiting to board their planes for spring break. Zion took one look at the lines and said, “No thank you.”

That’s when TSA employee Alesea stepped in. Solis recalls the moment, saying she was sent from “TSA Heaven.”

“She spoke directly to my son. She treated him like a person with feelings and a voice and worth,” Solis said.

Alesha took the pair through a “gentle” security line before she escorted them to the gate.

“Thank you TSA, from the bottom of my heart for making this experience stress-free. And for caring enough to understand that some people just process differently and need extra TLC,” Solis said.

Alesea was awarded a “TSA coin” as a result of her good work.

Solis wants to remind everyone to contact TSA Cares if you’re traveling with a person with special needs. You can call 855-787-2227 three days before your departure, and they will arrange a stress-free security check for you.

Solis tells FOX59 that the timing of her post going viral is perfect because it’s also Autism awareness month.