Moving photos of Chihuahua begging to find a home inspire adoption

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BALDWIN PARK, CA (January 21, 2016) – A shelter dog in California has been adopted thanks in part to a collection of very moving photos taken by a very talented photographer.

Oliver, the two-year-old Chihuahua, was rescued on January 9 after a concerned passerby saw him dodging cars on a busy California highway. Oliver was then taken to Baldwin Park Animal Shelter.

John Hwang is an occupational therapist at the shelter. He is also a professional photographer and he is known for taking photos of the animals that come into the shelter and sharing their stories.

When Oliver came into the shelter, Hwang spent some time with the Chihuahua to get to know him. He then took the most touching photos of Oliver and posted them on Facebook with this poem.

He stood on his hind legs,

and clasped his front paws together.

Up and down, up and down, he shook his paws

towards anyone that came by,

as if pleading, begging

for his freedom.

In his concrete confinement

He paced back and forth restlessly.

He squeezed his face through the fence,

taking in a deep breath

of the vibrant world

he can no longer be a part of.

The photos of Oliver quickly went viral, and they were shared over 2,600 times on Facebook. And thanks in part to the photos, Oliver’s prayers were answered, and he was adopted a few days later by Doggy Smiles Rescue!

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