Netflix scraps free 30-day trial for new U.S. subscribers

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If you’re not a Netflix subscriber in the U.S., you won’t be able to try the streaming service for free.

Netflix no longer offers its 30-day free trial for U.S. subscribers. The company is instead touting the ease of starting and canceling a subscription without penalty.

Netflix said it is looking at “different marketing promotions” to attract new customers.

Netflix’s month-long free trial was generous compared to competing streaming services, many of which (Hulu, CBS All Access, HBO Max and Peacock among them) offer seven-day trial periods. Disney Plus scrapped its free trial in June, citing explosive growth numbers.

Netflix’s decision to scrap the 30-day trial in the U.S. was first reported by TV Answer Man, but Netflix has been phasing out free trials in other countries, starting with Mexico two years ago, according to CNET.

The world’s biggest streaming subscription service is approaching 200 million subscribers worldwide. Earlier this year, it started offering some of its content for free.

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