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CANON CITY, CO (July 17, 2014) – A beloved dog seriously injured by frostbite will soon walk again thanks to a set of prosthetic paws.

Brutus is a 75 pound, 14-month-old Rottweiler.

Fox31 reports that he had a rough winter and was outside during the coldest months by his previous owner.

“He had frostbite which caused him to lose portions of all four paws,” said Medical Director Patsy Mich of Ortho Pets Mobility Clinic.

Now Brutus is with a foster family that is making every effort to get him walking again.

Dr. Patsy Mich, co-owner of an orthopedic center for pets in Denver, spoke with Fox31.

She told the Fox station that they’re using prosthetic technology on dogs that was once only used on humans.

Unfortunately, this technology is not cheap.

Brutus’ new paws could cost upwards of eight to ten thousand dollars!

Therefore, a little fundraising is in order.

Check out this fundraising page called “Better Paws for Brutus” if you would like to help the pup!