Peyton Manning guest stars as ‘Coach Gary’ on ‘Modern Family’

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Peyton Manning’s no stranger to appearing on television—he’s been in plenty of commercials and once hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

Manning appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “Modern Family,” where the former Colts and Broncos quarterback played “Coach Gary.”

Gloria Pritchett (Sofia Vergara) hired Manning’s Coach Gary to help work with her son, Joe. Of course, Gloria’s husband, Jay (Ed O’Neill) doesn’t handle it very well.

He’s convinced he’s being replaced!

Gary fixes a kitchen drawer, cleans the gutters and teaches Joe how to throw a baseball.

But it turns out Jay has it all wrong—Gary is really just trying to impress him. Jay made his fortune selling closets, and Gary wants to start his own business selling gazebos and sheds.

Gary says, “After all, what’s a gazebo, but…”

And they both finish the sentence together, “an outdoor closet!”

The episode ends with Gary touting his new business in a commercial.

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