Peyton Manning has fun with Eli’s ‘Super Bowl face’ on ‘Tonight Show’

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(Feb. 11, 2016) — Still basking in the glow of his Super Bowl win, Peyton Manning appeared on NBC’s “Tonight Show” Wednesday to dodge more questions about his football future.

Manning and NBA legend Magic Johnson both appeared on the show. Johnson, a season ticket holder for the L.A. Rams, said he talked to Manning and tried to convince him to play for the Rams.

“I said, ‘Man, if you play again, come to the Rams.’ I was working on (Manning) backstage. I will even chip in some money,” Johnson told Fallon.

Manning also had some fun at little brother Eli’s expense. Eli Manning became an internet meme for his unenthused facial expression during the Super Bowl as the Broncos scored a touchdown to seal the game.

Peyton said he’s seen that look from Eli before, and he and Fallon addressed a cardboard cutout of Eli during the show.

“I can remember 18 years ago, like, calling the night before the draft and said, ‘Eli, guess what? The Colts are going to draft me number one in the NFL draft tomorrow.’”

The camera then cut to Eli’s “Super Bowl face.” Fallon soon got in on the act.

“Eli, I got us front row tickets to see Adele! What do you think?”

Again, the camera cut to Eli.

Also on the show, Manning challenged Johnson in a game of “Egg Russian Roulette,” a game in which contestants take turns smashing eggs into their foreheads. Some of the eggs are hardboiled; some of them aren’t.

“I had dreams growing up that I would maybe have a chance to play Magic one-on-one someday. Never thought it would be in Russian Egg Roulette,” Manning said.

“Dreams come true,” Fallon quipped.

Peyton’s first pick was a touchdown: he smashed a raw egg right onto his forehead. Not to be outdone, the same thing happened to Johnson.

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