Popeyes chicken nuggets hit stores nationwide today

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The brand new Popeyes chicken nuggets which launch today across the nation.

Popeyes has declared the chicken wars over and offered piece nationwide, 8 pieces — to be exact — of their brand new chicken nuggets.

Launching today across the nation, Popeyes chicken nuggets use the same flour and buttermilk batter from their famous chicken and are said to be made in restaurant every day where they’re hand-battered and breaded in buttermilk and fried up fresh.

The white meat chicken breast nuggets are available in a classic flavor and can be purchased in-store or through the Popeyes® App, with options ranging from 4 piece to 36 piece orders.

Each 8 piece order will come with two signature sauces.

“Our hope is that today guests who can finally try our new Chicken Nuggets will say to themselves: Popeyes did it again,” said Amy Alarcon, Vice President of Culinary Innovation, “And to us, that means showing the world what they should come to expect when they order chicken nuggets.”

Popeyes previously launched the so-called Chicken Wars when they launched their chicken sandwich in the summer of 2019 and began a fast-food scramble to top the breaded chicken sandwich that had lines stretching all across the United States.

“The launch of our Chicken Sandwich was incredible, and we’re humbled by the amount of love and positive reviews, but at the same time many claimed that it started the chicken wars. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to the chicken wars and celebrate our new Nuggets, because we come in piece, 8 piece to be exact,” said Bruno Cardinali, Chief Marketing Officer of Popeyes.

As a show of peace and a call to an end of the chicken wars, Popeyes purchased the cash equivalent of one million chicken nuggets from fellow fast-food rivals through the Popeyes Foundation which will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank of the Greater New Orleans and Acadiana.

Guests can join in on the movement by donating on The Popeyes Foundation website to Second Harvest Food Bank where all of the contributions will be matched

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