Why is reporter Eric Pointer wearing pizza around his neck? For The Drew Barrymore Show, of course

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INDIANAPOLIS — When Drew Barrymore asks you to wear a pizza necklace, how do you say no?

FOX59 Reporter Eric Pointer tested out a few wacky food contraptions for a segment earlier today on The Drew Barrymore Show.

Products included a jar scraper developed in Norway to get every last drop out of containers and a pizza pouch worn around the neck like a lanyard.

(Because who knows when an emergency pizza craving will pop up?)

He offered Drew a bit of advice on what NOT to do when using the pizza pouch, and he shared his own latest food-related obsession.

Another thing we learned from the segment: Mozzarella sticks are making a comeback.

We never knew they were out, but regardless, fried cheese is a trend to stand behind.

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