TOP 5 AT 5 | Depressed goat ends hunger strike after reunion with donkey friend

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(May 28, 2014) – A depressed goat ends a six day hunger strike after he’s reunited with his donkey best friend.

A goat named “Mr. G” and a burro donkey named “Jellybean” were rescued from a hoarder’s home in Northern California.

The animals were taken to different animal sanctuaries, and when Mr. G arrived at Animal Place in Grass Valley, Calif., he refused to eat or go outside.

Mr. G wouldn’t move from the corner of his stall for six days.

The goat was even given a thorough physical exam, and he was completely healthy.

So they decided to try reuniting him with Jellybean.

When the donkey arrived, Mr. G immediately perked up and ran outside to meet him!

And he started eating again.

They haven’t left each others’ side since their reunion.

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