Wheelchair accessible transport van stolen from west side nursing home

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Getting to and from doctor’s appointments just got more difficult for some Indianapolis patients after a special transport van was stolen from a nursing home on the west side.

The theft took place early Wednesday morning.

The stolen van was equipped with a wheelchair ramp and had a sticker price of $50,000. Still, it’s not just the lost value that concerns the vans owner, but also the fact that his customers may have to wait longer to get where they need to go.

Walter Litzlbauer spends his workday behind the wheel, driving patients to and from life-saving kidney dialysis appointments.

“Business wise we have a lot of people who depend on us to get where they’ve got to go,” said Litzlbauer.

Unfortunately, this week a thief stole one of Walter’s wheelchair accessible vans out of the parking lot at a nursing home near 16th and Tibbs.

“It’s very frustrating, not only for me, but the people that we service,” said Litzlbauer. “It’s kind of hard because you can’t get a rain check on a ride.”

The stolen van had decals on the side with the name of the company called A-TIN. That name stands for Assisting Those In Need.

Walter says losing the van has led to delivery delays for his patients.

“We try to keep a 30 minute window once a patient is done to get them picked up. That may be doubled or tripled if we’re short vehicles,” said Litzlbauer.

While he’d like to have his stolen van returned, Walter remains frustrated whoever stole the van would be so selfish and has a message for that thief.

“Your need to steal the vehicle does not exceed the need of these people who had to go to medical appointments. These people’s lives depend on these dialysis treatments,” said Litzlbauer. “I feel sorry for the people who need rides.”

So far no arrests have been made and the van is still missing. Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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