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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Wheeler Mission helps thousands of homeless Hoosiers. Right now, they’re dealing with a unique problem; they’ve had so many donations pour in they don’t have enough volunteers to sort and organize it all.

Clothes, shoes and even baskets are just some of the items being donated at Wheeler Mission.

“It’s been such a harsh winter and the Marie Kondo extravaganza has kind of exploded on donated items, so we have an abundance items,” Wheeler Mission’s Executive Vice President of Advancement Steve Kerr said.

You can put the blame on Marie Kondo, who has a popular Netflix show about tidying up your home — or it could be old fashioned Hoosier hospitality. Residents have been lending a helping hand to their fellow community member.

Wheeler Mission now needs people to donate their time and energy to sort the abundance of donations, like thousands of others have done in the past.

“Last year we had about 35,000 individuals volunteer for Wheeler Mission. They provided more than 64,000 hours of service to us,” Kerr said.

On Friday, a group of CPA interns from Ernst & Young (EY) came in for three hours to sort and fold.

“I think it’s one thing to monetarily support groups like Wheeler Mission and it’s another to put words to action,” said EY intern Delainey Burnett.

They may be thinking this is a lot of inventory, but the work they’re doing will help thousands.

“I am going to go home today and feel like I contributed to my community. I contributed to people in need,” said EY Practice Manager Emily Allison.

“To be able to give as homeless person clean clothes, fresh clothes, and warm clothes is probably the first step in providing dignity and hope to somebody which is what we want to do,” Kerr said.

If you would like to volunteer, click here.