INDIANAPOLIS — Wednesday’s large fire at the Walmart distribution center in Plainfield dropped ashes and debris across a large swath of land.

Emergency Response staff with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, or IDEM, arrived on the scene as debris continued to rain down. Officials with Plainfield Fire said IDEM is tasked with bringing in the necessary equipment to test the surrounding air quality.

Deputy Fire Chief Michael Pruitt with the Bargersville Fire Department says the debris can contain toxic carcinogens, and that people should refrain from handling them.

We wanted to find out where the debris was falling, so we put a call out to our viewers on Thursday. Early results show the debris mainly falling in Avon, with some scattered debris further north, including one report near Fishers.

Our meteorologists were able to track the smoke’s direction using radar, showing it traveling north from the southerly breeze. The direction the smoke was moving was close to where viewers have been reporting debris.

An air quality action day was issued Thursday due to elevated levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) values in the air due in part to smoke from the fire. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management says PM2.5 is composed of microscopic dust, soot, and liquid that settles deep into the lungs and cannot be easily exhaled. Those people at risk are particularly vulnerable after several days of high PM2.5 exposure.

We are continuing to follow the fallout from the Walmart distribution center fire, and its environmental impacts. If you experienced fallout from the fire, you can fill out the form below to help us better understand where the impacted area was.