Whitestown man faces battery charge for spanking daughter, leaving her with bruises


David Blackburn

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WHITESTOWN, Ind.– A Whitestown man is facing battery charges for allegedly leaving marks on his daughter after severely spanking her.

At 7:30 a.m. on Oct. 9, the girl’s mother told police she woke up her husband, David Blackburn, 44, to get their 6-year-old daughter to take medication, according to court documents.

The girl wouldn’t take her daily medicine, and the parents had been discussing ways to discipline her the night before.

After the girl’s refusal, Blackburn began to spank her. The mother said Blackburn would spank her 3-5 times, stop, and repeat several times. She said she was making breakfast at the time and estimated the girl was spanked between 50-100 times.

She said she told her husband three times to stop spanking the girl, but he said, “No, we have to get a hold on her,” court documents show. The mom noticed bruising and red marks on the girl, and the two argued about the discipline. She ended up splashing a cup of water into his face and called a friend to have a place to stay.

She then took the girl to the hospital due to the extent of the injuries. Hospital staff informed police and the Department of Child Services.

Blackburn was taken into custody at his home and police say he admitted to the spankings, as well as his awareness of the red marks and bruises.

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