‘Whose a** do I have to whoop for mowing my flowers?’ Greenfield man accused of threatening to shoot highway workers


James Cain

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GREENFIELD, Ind. – A Greenfield man threatened to shoot highway workers for mowing over his flowers, investigators say.

According to court documents from Hancock County, James Cain, 69, faces a misdemeanor intimidation charge in connection with the incident. He was arrested last week.

Workers with the Hancock County Highway Department at 921 W. Osage St. said Cain came into the building on June 18 because he was upset that highway crews were mowing over his flowers.

“[Whose] ass do I whoop for mowing [my] flowers?” Cain asked the receptionist, according to court documents.

The receptionist asked for his name and address; another employee went to get County Highway Superintendent Gary Pool, who “tried to sort the issue” out with Cain.

However, employees heard Cain threaten highway workers, saying “the next time the county highway was out at his property again, then he would get his rifle and shoot them,” court documents said.

Pool told Cain to leave the highway department; the receptionist also heard the threat, according to court documents.

An arrest warrant was obtained and Cain was taken into custody last week. A class A misdemeanor carries a sentence of up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $5,000.

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