Wife speaks out following husband’s hit and run death

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It has been a rough year for the family of Andy Richmond.  The Indianapolis man was struck and killed along I-70 in June.  Since then he has missed the 4th of July, his 30th birthday, and Thanksgiving.

Things do not get any easier with Christmas right around the corner.

“I have picked up the phone and been ready to call him and his phone is sitting right next to me,” said Andy Richmond’s wife Doniell Richmond.  “It is still surreal.”

A red gas can sat along I-70 just south of the north split on the east side of Indianapolis.  Andy Richmond left his truck to get gas after he ran out.  He was hit, and pronounced dead at the scene.

“I just never thought our kids would be without either one of us,” said Richmond.  “We have lost friends that have kids and we were like, ‘I wonder how they are making it without having their parents?’ Now I am one of the ones wondering how my kids are making it without their parent.”

Richmond was hit a little after 6 o’clock on June 25th.  It happened during rush hour, with thousands of cars on the road.  Not only did no one stop to help Richmond, no one immediately called for help.

“I think out of the whole situation, that is the second thing that makes me angry,” said Richmond.  “Of course the first thing is that someone hit him and kept going, literally smashed into him and kept going.  How he was left on the side of the road, there is no way no one saw him.”

After her husband was buried, the funeral home gave Doniell Richmond two clocks, one is in the living room, the other is in the bedroom.  Richmond said time has stood still for her family…especially during the holidays.

“There is no holiday he ever missed,” said Richmond.  “The happiness, the excitement of the kids opening their toys, of wrapping their gifts.  It is not going to be the same.”

Investigators are still trying to piece together what exactly happened.  Doniell Richmond is still hoping someone comes forward to bring closure to her broken heart.

“I can not even put hate in a sentence,” said Richmond.  “I am hurt beyond words.  My kids are hurt beyond words.  It was very, very foul.  Even if you do it to clear your conscious, you just can not do something like that and leave somebody by the side of the road.  You just can not.”

One person did call 911, but it was not until about half-an-hour after the incident happened.  The family hopes more clues in the investigation will surface, with more cars on the road during holiday travel.

Anyone with information should call Indiana State Police at (317) 899-8577.

The family is also struggling to pay the bill for Andy Richmond’s funeral.  If you would like to help the family with this expense, call (317)331-6186.

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