Wintry mix stirring central Indiana once again

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A wintry mix has Indiana seeing white after a quick warm up the past week.

Indiana State Police are reminding drivers to stay vigilant on the roads and not let the mirage of improving weather give a false confidence.  The roads are still dangerous whenever the temperature is below 32 degrees.

The last snow storm hit central Indiana nine days ago, and caught many drivers off-guard despite a warm-up in the afternoon. ISP saw 274 crashes during that storm, with 32 injuries and two deaths.

“I’ve seen personally a lot of crashes in the same spots. People, rather than slowing down, increase their following distance. They are watching us on a different scene, and they end up being part of that scene,” said state trooper Chris Hanson.

Some of the people who are watching these accidents are taking pictures of videos to post on social media. ISP said this can lead to drivers crashing on their own, or other unwanted ramifications.

“Somebody is driving by wanting to film it, put it on Facebook, and all these other social media outlets, and their family may not even know they’ve been involved in a crash, yet they are looking on Facebook and they see that,” Hanson said.

ISP is working overtime with the Indiana Department of Transportation to clear any remaining potholes, but there will still be some open during the storm. People should drive with caution.

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