Witnesses in danger after members of west side drug gang arrested

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 4, 2015)– Investigators tell FOX59 News that witnesses and acquaintances who know about the evil allegedly done by a west side drug gang either disappear, die or dry up.

A woman who has a long memory of Richard Grundy III and his associates agrees.

“There’s been too many people young men that I know that’s not here anymore and I know that they associated with these people at one time,” said the woman who asked FOX59 News to conceal her identity. “These young men have broken into houses, they have stood in front of houses and just really pretty much tell you that if the police is called on them then you’re going to be next.”

Grundy, Lance Hatcher, William Gammon, Keyon Gammon, Adrian Bullock and Ronnie Batts are being held on conspiracy to commit murder charges after a police chase in the 3100 block of West 31 Street January 29 resulted in gunshots fired into a home where a mother and two children were watching television.

“I just heard a lot of commotion outside and I went to look outside and next thing there was shots coming into our house,” said the mother who, like the longtime acquaintance, is too afraid to be identified speaking up publicly about the gang.

Grundy’s name surfaced in a pair of double murder cases in early 2014.

John Means is accused of being a Grundy hitman and killing William Davis and Tyrece Dorsey in the 1800 block of North Rural Street and then killing Carlos Jefferson and Julius Douglas a few days later in the 3400 block of North Hovey Street.

Investigators and neighborhood sources wonder if any of the victims could have been targeted for their knowledge of past crimes allegedly committed by the Grundy crew.

“These young men, I think it’s about the money and they get some kind of rush and it’s about being in power,” said the woman who thinks Grundy was behind the killing of someone she knew, “and you’re like the Godfather or Gotti or somebody that was really Al Capone, someone that was really a mobster, that’s what I believe they think.”

The hallway outside the courtroom where Grundy and his friends appeared Monday afternoon was packed with family and supporters, which is why witnesses and neighbors fear the gang’s reach and worry about the defendants making bond.

“I believe they’re more terrified of them on the streets,” said the woman, “but I believe that they will always be scared even if these people go to the penitentiary for the rest of their lives…because it’s a family of people and they’re not going to get everyone. You can arrest 20 people and out of that 20 people maybe 14 or 15 of them get some big time (in prison), but you’re still leaving four or five of them out on the street which is still going to maintain.”

Grundy and his associates are due in court at 9 a.m. Thursday to be formally charged as a result of last week’s pursuit and shootings.

A search warrant at the group’s rented home netted cocaine, guns and $109,000 in cash.

With that kind of money on hand, the defendants would presumably have no trouble making $150,000 bonds on the conspiracy to commit murder charges.

That’s what worries the woman who has known Grundy and his friends for years.

“I just wish they understood what they are doing to other people’s families.”

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