Witnesses share first-hand accounts of Fishers fire

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Witnesses are sharing their first-hand accounts of a fire that injured two firefighters and destroyed three homes.

Fire broke out in the Sandstone Village subdivision early Tuesday afternoon. That’s just northwest of 116th Street and Brooks School Road.

“We didn’t even think a fire could spread that quickly,” said Jake Parrish, witness.

Before Parrish took out his cell phone camera to capture video of the fire that quickly ripped through three homes, he watched as two people inside two different homes, made it out safely. He then assisted first responders as they removed two dogs from the third home.

“The house was already on fire, so we waited, they handed us the dogs,” said Parrish. “We took them to a neighbor’s house and then watched as the next two houses just completely went up in flames in just the first 10 minutes.”

The wind helped accelerate the intense flames and smoke, and by the time firefighters arrived, they were already fighting a losing battle.

“When the crews left, they could see the smoke, and that means it had been burning a while,” said Fishers Fire Chief Steve Orusa.

Once firefighters did arrive, their bravery stood out to everyone.

“They ran into the house while it was actually on fire. One of the gentlemen, he was in there for about two minutes, he came out and he literally had flames on his jacket,” said Parrish.

“We’re blessed in the fact that only two firefighters were slightly injured and that they’re going home tonight,” said Orusa.

Neighbors say they’re also blessed that firefighters stopped it from spreading further. Kim Meador’s home is downwind from one which received some damage, but firefighters caught in time.

“If they hadn’t been here it would have gone up too. There’s no question in my mind and it would have continued right on down,” said Meador.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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