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MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. (Feb. 25, 2016)- A 66-year-old woman took on a robber and won. Wednesday afternoon, Karen Long told deputies she saw a man walking toward her home.  Long rushed to the front door to lock it, but it was too late.

“He yanked it out of my hand and he bulldogged me in,” said Karen Long.

Immediately, a struggle started between Long and the masked robber.

“I don’t believe in being a victim,” said Long.

The man took her to down to the ground but Long didn’t let up.

“He shoved me, I stumbled and fell there, and then he started down the hall. My little nephew is there and that’s when I attacked him. I jumped on his back, he and I went down to the floor again,” said Long.

Long’s 7-year-old nephew was home sick from school. He was crying and scared but the robber didn’t care.

“He kept saying ‘Don’t look at me, don’t look at me. Just give me your money and don’t look at me and you won’t get hurt,’” said Long.

She knew the masked robber was bigger and stronger but didn’t stop her.

“I am 66, a lot of people consider that elderly but that’s the new 40,” admits Long.

After throwing several punches, Long decided she wanted more power.

“I had my gun up there and I reached for it and he heard me rack it,” said Long.

Deputies say the robber tried tying Long to a table, but he ended up taking off within seconds of hearing her gun.

“I was saying a few choice words at him let me tell you. I did tell him, ‘you picked the wrong house buddy,’” said Long.

This aunt told us her nephew is still scared and she’s still sore.

“I’m bruised in places I didn’t know could be bruised,” said Long.

If the fight wasn’t enough of a warning, this tough woman has another for the robber.

“They come back to this house they will not walk away,” said Long.

The robber did get away with some small belongings. Investigators are following up on very promising leads. With help of the community, Long is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that helps catch this suspect.