MADISON COUNTY, Ind. — A woman has been arrested in Florida after police say she left the state with a child that she lost custody of.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office said the arrest comes after deputies responded to a Pendleton home on a report of a missing child. The child’s father said Ashley Laing had not given him the 3-year-old child and was in violation of a recent custody order providing him with full custody.

The father told detectives that he suspected she left the state with the child.

On Friday, the department said detectives were able to track Laing to a motel in Clearwater, Florida. Florida police were able to take her into custody and find the child unharmed. The father will travel to Florida to take custody of the child.

The department said Laing was being held Friday by Florida authorities awaiting extradition to face charges of kidnapping and interference with custody.