Woman escapes serious injury after being caught in police chase downtown

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 9, 2014) — An Indianapolis woman says she is thanking her lucky stars after being hit by a car that was involved in a high-speed chase Thursday.

Janelle Nordlund was riding her bike near Meridian and Maryland Streets when the car hit by a car that was hit by a stolen car speeding through Downtown. Nordlund says she is doing fine, considering how bad this could have been. This is not Nordlund’s first brush with death.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” Nordlund said. “It was awful.”

Nordlund was minding her own business, on her bike, heading to see the youngest of her two daughters. She had no idea Meridian and Maryland Streets would be the spot where a high-speed chase would come to an end.

“All of a sudden, saw a blue car flying at me, and it’s like oh crap, I’m gonna be hit,” she said.

Just a few seconds later, her fears came true. Nordlund was hit by the blue car that was smashed by the driver of a car that, police say, was stolen from Illinois and barreled down the interstate and in to downtown. Nordlund was thrown to the ground and trapped under the blue car for five minutes, which she says felt like an eternity. Eight stitches were used to close the deep gash to the back of her foot, she has road burn on her shoulder as well.

“This is the second time I’ve been hit by a car,” Nordlund said.

In Tucson, AZ, Nordlund says she was walking home from a friend’s house.

“I was crossing the street,” she said. “I was like in the middle. Car came flying around the corner and hit me.”

Nordlund is still feeling long-term injuries from that, but she is alive, even after being caught in a police chase.

“That’s what really shocked me, really? This person stole this car and then wants to cause an accident and make someone else get hurt? What kind of person are you,” she said.

The driver of the blue Ford, Wyatt Luelf, 33, was said to have suffered minor injuries. The suspect, Torvon Davis, 23, faces numerous charges in Central Indiana, as well as in Putnam County and Illinois.

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