Woman fights back at scammers who offered fake jobs

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A woman is fighting back at scammers who offered fake jobs online that could've cost her thousands of dollars.

At first glance, you'd see the three checks Carol White has, totaling almost $6,000, and think she was doing well.

The problem: all of those checks are fake.

"I wanted everybody to know not to trust these people," White said.

White called FOX59 to get the word out about the scams. She said she was in between jobs and needed to make some extra money to pay the bills, so she looked for cleaning jobs on Craigslist.

Two of the job postings White responded to were for cleaning. The other was for a car decal program.

In the case of the cleaning jobs, White said the employers told similar stories. They each said they were relocating from out of town and needed someone to get a house ready. One said they were coming from Hawaii for a job assignment. Another gave White a sad story.

"She was pregnant and she had been really sick, she was in the bed because she had had complications with her pregnancy," White said.

In all three cases, the employers sent White a check. Each said she needed to cash the check, take out her portion, then send the remaining amount to a third party.

"My payment would be in with this check and I was to forward the rest of the money to the painter or the financier or whoever," White said.

White became suspicious after she couldn't verify the checks. She even told one employer that "it sounds like a scam," but the employer responded by saying White had insulted her.

"They just kept harassing me, 'Did you deposit it yet? Did you deposit it yet?'" White said.

Central Indiana Better Business Bureau CEO Tim Maniscalo confirmed White's suspicion, and said these jobs are indeed scams. One of his team members called a company on one the checks, where a representative said their checking accounts were compromised, and someone kept writing fake checks in their name.

"I've rejected several checks this week, probably four or five, that people have cashed," the representative said.

"If anyone is sending you money and then asking you in return to send somebody some money, that should be a real red flag," Maniscalo said.

White could've lost almost $4,000 between the three checks. Instead, she decided to warn as many people as she could by posting on Craigslist and calling FOX59.

"It makes me feel like, that I’m getting back at them, you know. Don’t do this to people, there’s good people out there, don’t do this to them," White said.

You can report a scam like this or look for scams happening in your area at the BBB's scam tracker, located at this link.

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