Woman fights to get cash after ATM malfunction

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When you go to an ATM, the process is pretty simple. You insert a card, and you get cash from your own account. But what happens if the money is deducted and no cash comes out of the machine?

That’s what Holle Hamilton said happened to her at a PNC ATM on the south side of Indianapolis. Hamilton goes to that ATM every month to get cash out so she can pay her rent.

But this month, she heard the money shuffling and then something went wrong.

“Finally my receipt came out but no money,” Hamilton said.

She thought maybe the machine ran out of cash or the drawer got stuck, so she went inside the bank to ask a teller.

“I expected that they could pull the cameras up and see what happened and see that I didn’t get my money and get me my money back,” Hamilton said.

The manager told her there was nothing she could do, Hamilton said.

She couldn’t get her money inside the bank and had to instead file a dispute with her card. The card is issued to her through a company called Direct Express. That’s how she accesses her Social Security benefits.

Hamilton found out that it can take up to 45 days to get the money back after filing a dispute. That’s when she called Fox 59.

PNC gave us this response:

“PNC’s policy is that a dispute about a transaction not involving a PNC-issued card must be resolved with the card issuer.”

“It is like they don’t care about the little people,” Hamilton said.

A few hours later, PNC got back to us, saying this:

“Once the dispute is officially filed and received, we would be prepared to issue the credit within 48 hours.”

Hamilton filed the paperwork. Sure enough, her money was finally put back on the card.

“They said it could take up to 45 days but thank God it didn’t,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said she wishes she didn’t have to come to us to get answers, but is glad she can finally pay the rent.

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