Woman hears hissing under dryer, finds king cobra on the loose since September

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ORLANDO, Fla. (Oct. 8, 2015) – The ominous hissing sound solved a mystery that lasted nearly a month.

A woman found a king cobra that escaped from a Florida home in early September. She said she was putting clothes in the dryer in garage when she heard hissing, reports WFTV. Animal services officers arrived at her home late Wednesday night, where they located the snake and captured it.

An animal services officer said the snake didn’t give them “an easy time catching him.” He said the woman was “extremely grateful” that officers removed it.

On Sept. 2, the eight-foot-long snake named Elvis escaped from a home that’s used as a rescue facility for exotic animals.

The snake’s owner was fined $366 after authorities said he waited 24 hours to report the escape, which kicked off a massive search effort in the area. Students at a nearby elementary school weren’t allowed to play outside for two weeks as a safety precaution.

Officers returned Elvis to its owner.

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