INDIANAPOLIS — The woman named the first Black female senior pastor of a Baptist church in Indianapolis will be officially installed in her role on Sunday. 

We first told you when she was elected to the position last year, but due to COVID-19 and other delays her installation is this weekend. 

Pastor Adrienne Overton was given her title at Eden Missionary Baptist Church. Now she wants to serve as an inspiration for others, especially other women, to be empowered to do anything they set their minds to. 

“To all the young women coming up, you can do and be anything God has called you to be,” Pastor Overton said. 

“Don’t let anyone stop you. Don’t even let yourself stop you.” 

Overton says God called her to pursue the route to become a pastor. She served as assistant pastor to her father for years. Once he retired, she took his place. 

Soon after being elected she learned she wasn’t just the first Black female senior pastor at her Baptist church, but the first for all Baptist churches in the area. 

“I’m literally the first woman elected, not only in Indianapolis but in Indiana. We’ve done the research, and I’m just excited. This is groundbreaking for our denomination. It doesn’t happen, for everything, it’s just awesome,” said Pastor Overton. 

She made the discovery after doing research with the local district of churches. 

“I represent the voice for women who have been for years only able to teach in Sunday school, only able to be Women’s Day speakers. Now, I’ve been given the task, the opportunity, responsibility, from God, to hold the mantle, to carry the mantle, and proclaim his word to his people.” 

The events kick off with a celebration concert on Friday. Then there will be a Celebration Banquet on Saturday. There will be a special church service on Sunday, where her father will preach. Then the weekend will conclude with her being officially installed in this new role on Sunday afternoon.