Woman pledges to walk 27 miles to raise funds for community programs

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An Indianapolis woman has pledged to walk more than 27 miles to raise money for programs in her neighborhood that lost funding.

Shelley Covington is the president of the United NorthWest Area, Inc. The organization covers the area in the 46208 zip code and 46202.

Covington said it has been about two years since they lost funding for critical community service programs. The community service programs include a clothing program, food/pantry program and a senior fellowship. Covington would like to begin other programs with the donations collected. C

“Because of the recession and because the organization also had some internal issues, the donations and the grants dropped off,” Covington said.

Covington will walk by herself for more than 8 hours on Sat., April 27. She called her cause the Marathon Sister Walk.

“It is an honor and it’s good to know that I am able to sacrifice myself to help somebody else who many not be able to do something like this,” Covington said.

Wilbert Buckner is the executive director of the Flanner House. The organization offers various programs in the same neighborhood too. Buckner said programs are important.

“It is such a wonderful (thing) to see people who many have come in discouraged and disappointed about things in their lives and then, for them to have hope about what’s (in their) future,” Buckner said.

Buckner supports Covington’s cause to raise money to get her programs back.

“That just shows her commitment to her community and what she’s willing to do as an individual to see the community rise,” Buckner said.

Covington believes bringing back programs can tackle violence in the neighborhood. IMPD detectives identified part of the United NorthWest Area as having high violence.

“Everybody wants the violence to stop and yes, it is frustrating and you do feel helpless and even more so when that’s your neighborhood,” Covington said.

Buckner said violence happens in other communities too.

“The issue is (that) we don’t have as many resources in this particular community to deal with that,” Buckner said.

Covington would like to raise $2,000 on April 27.

For more information about the Marathon Sister Walk and if you would like to donation: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/marathon-sister-walk.

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