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KOKOMO, Ind. – A Muncie woman was among other customers inside a Starbucks in Kokomo when a tornado flattened the business during severe weather Wednesday.

Hannah Harris said the store’s manager told customers that a tornado was about to hit and that everyone needed to take shelter inside the bathrooms. According to Harris, the tornado arrived about 20 minutes later, toppling the store.

“He came out and told everybody they needed to go in the bathrooms and take cover because a tornado had touched down, and it was headed our way,” she told FOX59 during an interview.

Only the two bathrooms were left behind, trapping Harris and everyone else inside.

“They said they saw it by Best Buy so they ran back to the bathroom, shut the door and then all of a sudden the lights went off and a gentleman beside me pushed me down and had his arm over me. And you know I think everything was still intact in that bathroom except the ceiling may have had a small piece falling out,” she said.

“When they say the pressure changes, it really does and it’s just absolutely insane,” she said of the ordeal.

“And you know in that moment, you forget kind of what happens because you’re so, ‘Wow.’ And then especially after it’s over, and there’s not anything that’s fallen on you. You don’t have a scratch on you. You don’t have a bump on you. Nobody in there does.”

Harris said witnesses who saw the Starbucks collapse worked quickly to free her and the other customers. No one was seriously injured.