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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A local woman says accused killer Cody Weir was sexting her in the hours before and after he allegedly killed a woman inside a downtown apartment complex gym.  Police believe he killed 23-year-old Carina Rodriguez inside the gym at the 9 On Canal apartments in downtown Indianapolis early Friday morning.

Police arrested Weir arrested near a business in Avon on Friday night. IMPD Chief Bryan Roach was among the officers that arrested him.

“You could tell he knew why we were there,” Roach said of the moment police moved in to make the arrest. “[He was] tearful at one point, knew it was happening, knew it was coming I think… It was encouraging, that you can tell a community that we have someone that impacted their community so bad.”

Police say surveillance video shows Weir entering the apartments; but before that, one local woman said he was sending her lewd messages on Facebook.

“It was pretty nasty, I’m not going to get into it,” said Jessica Haines. “But it wasn’t anything you’d want your daughter to be receiving on her phone.”

Haines said she knows Weir from high school but hasn’t talked to him in several years. However, she said late Thursday night she received his first message and then several more throughout the day on Friday. The messages contained lewd solicitations along with pictures of Weir in a state of undress.

“I know about eleven different women who got the same kind of messages as me around the same time frame,” said Haines.

She told police about it, and she’s encouraging the other women to do the same.

She told me she remembers Weir as having an “off-beat personality” and being “weird.”

“This honestly doesn’t surprise me,” said Haines. “What surprises me is that this hasn’t happened sooner.”

Police haven’t said what the motive is behind the murder. Autopsy results for Rodriguez are expected to be finalized on Monday. Weir remains inside the Marion County Jail on a preliminary charge of murder.