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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — It’s a warning FOX59’s Tanae Howard first told you about back in February. False eyelashes are being applied with various dangerous products including hair weave glue. One woman just learned her lesson the hard way with the swollen runny eyes to prove this beauty trend isn’t one you want to take the cheap route with.

Ima Hines decided to get her eyelashes done for $20. She said the salon was packed with women getting the same service so she thought it was a good idea.

“I asked her how much it was. She said $20. I said hmm, that’s kind of cheap. But see I looked around and saw everybody in there and said it can’t be that bad,” Himes said.

Ima decided to go for it. During the process she noticed something was off. She then discovered a product typically used for hair weave had been used on her eyes.

“I wanted to see what kind of glue she was using because it wasn’t a familiar smell. And I looked and it was actually hair glue,” Himes said.

The next day she woke up to swollen, runny eyes. A reaction lash extension specialist Kate Shaughnessy says is common with hair glue. Her company, Lash and Brow Design Co. uses an adhesive specifically made for applying eyelash extensions.

“I say adhesive and not glue. I’m not using glue. I’m using adhesive. We use a medical grade adhesive. It never touches your skin. It never touches your eyes so its attached to just the eyelash and that’s it,” Shaughnessy said.

She says she sees about 2 to 4 clients a week looking to have bad lashes removed. She says do your research and go to a reputable technician.

“That’s doing it correctly. That’s been trained properly. That’s certified and that is licensed,” Shaughnessy said.

Ima took her fake lashes off with baby oil  but ended up taking off all of her natural lashes too.
Now she doesn’t think cheaper is better and is warning other women to beware of lower prices luring you into this beauty trend.

“But it’s all these fly by night places popping up because everybody wants their lashes done they don’t want to spend the money but I know better now. I’m never ever, ever doing that again.”

We’re not naming the salon in this case because they didn’t break any laws or rules. Eyelash extensions are not regulated in the state of Indiana. We went in and the manager tells FOX59 they use hair glue and they always have. In fact some customers prefer it.

Ima went back to the business to show them her eyes and they did give her a refund.